Hoodia, A Natural Way to Lose Weight ?



Planning to lose weight the natural way ?

If you are planning to go on diet, you might want to take into consideration of taking Hoodia as supplement to your weight loss program. It is said by some people that it is much safer than most natural weight loss supplements available on sale. It does not slow down or speed up the body at all and much less side effects.

At the core of it, Hoodia can be categorized as an appetite suppressant that is natural. At its worst side effect that could occur is losing too much weight during the time taking Hoodia. Like any supplement, taking in moderation is the best to be effective but it is more like eating than consuming drugs.


Hoodia is definitely a better alternative to taking ephedrine or caffeinated diet pills because it is not too stimulating, unlike other weight loss aids. Its fundamental workings does not push up your metabolic or heart rate which might cause complications such as thyroid malfunction and heart attacks. Majority of the people taking Hoodia, finds themselves feeling strong and focused. Most people also feel more eager to exercise after intake of Hoodia.




This supplement available in North America derives from a vegetable that has similar taste to a bitter small cucumber. In Africa, it is commonly eaten as part of a tasty salad.

Unlike herbal Chinese weight loss teas, Hoodia is not diuretic. These weight loss teas tends to have prominent side effects of draining your body of all its water. You will look thinner when drinking these teas but the main reason is you loss more of your body water weight. It is known that you can lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days while drinking these natural teas but it’s mainly due to water. This will have a high impact on your kidneys. This type of weight loss is only kidding yourself as you can easily gain all of the weight loss back in just a few days.

Hoodia works by stimulating a person in it’s own ways but not in the same way as adrenaline or caffeine. You will not get addition to it.


It is a safe option (which in Africa, it is considered as a food and not a drug) as natural weight loss supplement but it does creates it’s own danger. You can forget to drink and eat which can end up being unhealthy when you take Hoodia for a long duration of time.

A user of hoodia doesn’t noticed realise they are on it as they feel calm and steady, making them look like having an abundance of stamina. If you decide to take on any type of supplement, it is worthwhile to consider hoodia as it is one of the safest natural weight loss supplements available.