Inner Cleansing for Natural Weight Loss



“Death Begins in the Colon” is a phrased created by a famous iridologist, Bernard Jensen. He become one of the earliest alternative physicians to realise the close relationship between this main organ and weight loss.


The colon, being one of the major organs in our body, functions to purge out any digested waste from the body. What had been eaten by us, is broken down by the colon where the nutrients that are generated are then absorbed into the bloodstream to become fuel to be consumed by our tissue and fat. The rest of our body will be dysfunctional if these processes are somehow inhibited. At the end of the day, if your colon is not clean, the rest of the organs will suffer causing you to gain excess weight.

You will look fatter than you are if your colon is not clean. A colon that is congested with impacted feces due to ineffective colon movement for excrements, can result a person to be a lot heavier. At times, there are some people carries up to 30 pounds of this waste in their mid-section.

Gas produced from a contaminated colon, in addition to impacted feces issue that was never disposed off will result in their bellies to become round, distended or full looking. The reality is that most beer bellies are not a result of beer but rather by parasites that lives off the undigested waste.

These parasites is one of the reasons that people becomes fat as the parasites nests in the colon feeding off the nutrients that the body needs to feed on. This compels the person to desire for more food, eating more to satisfy the nutrients that your body needs to get through the day. The end result is that you are feeding 2 entities; the parasites and yourself.

Cleansing the colon can be done in 2 ways. The quickest was is with a process called colonic irrigation involving an insertion of a tube through the anal canal into the colon and using water to cleanse it.


Another method is usage of herbal concoctions which usually contains herbs that are discovered to eliminate parasites, cleanse mucus and compacted feces lodged on the sides of the colon wall.

It is a good practise to check with you doctor before taking colon cleansing herbal concoctions to make sure that the no harm will come to you from these herbs. Some strong colon-cleansing herbs such as wormwood will result in an unpleasant side effects such as fatigue, headaches and worst case scenario , fever.

Colon cleansing is on the many ways to lose weight, typically the heavy weight of compacted feces that can make your attempts very challenging to reach your desired or natural weigh loss.