Natural Weight Loss Cooking Tricks



Cooking tricks to lose weight naturally.


Making your own food on a daily basis is one of the ways to lose weight. You are in control of the food you eat and opportunities reinventing the ways to prepare the food you love, cutting down the calories that you ingest as well.

One idea to try before cooking your vegetables, is to roast them first. Vegetables tastes much sweeter and the need to add sugar, butter or creamy sauces can be reconsidered. There are several ways you can serve them, such as puree it or just eat it as it is or use them as base for dips, stock and sauces. All you need to do is sprinkle the vegetable with cooking oil, apply a light coat and roast in a pan. The end result is a genius method to flavoring food, the low calorie way.

Usually low calorie foods taste bland, making it to be one of the problems that people dislike it. Using lots of spices will overcome this and make it tastier to eat. Adding herbs and spices to water oil also makes fiber rich foods such as rice and cous cous taste better.


Using pureed substitutes to replace butters, fats and oils can also prevent fat. It allows you to have a much more appetizing baked goods to retained it’s moisture, thus more flavorful.

Another trick is to use fresh fruits and juices to cook with the food. This will help to reduce the sugar and fat in your recipes, thus eating much less calories. These can be added to savory dishes, giving them more oomph to the tastes.

One more additional tip is using wire rack during cooking. Positioning wire rack on top of the roasting pan provides fatty juices to drip away onto the pan. Grilling meats and fishes in coconut milk or milk can help you to save money.

Another wonderful solution is using cooking spray during cooking. Thousands of calories can be avoided from going down your body. Generally, people fry foods with at least several tablespoons of oil, which can be 2100 calories of fat. All this calories can be avoided by simply spraying on to the pan or salad bowl, where each mist of oil is only 7 calories. The excellent thing about this is that pressurized canister oil can be bought instead of the commercially made vegetable oil spray.

If more moisture is needed in your cooking, adding a low fat broth or small amount of juice can help flavoring the vegetable while cooking it faster.

The main point is that cooking can be done with less fat and you don’t have to add on unnecessary calories to your meals. As a matter of fact, making your own food is on the all time best method to cutting calories and losing weight naturally.