Walking, The Natural Way To Lose Weight



Walking not strolling is a good way to lose weight naturally.

Say goodbye to those fancy gym membership, lots of expensive exercise machines or any other things to lose weight. You don’t need to be on a special diet or pills either. You could be delighted to know that you can reduce your weight a great deal in a natural and safe way just by having a long walk every day.

A lot of obese people, especially those with arthritis or other ailments have already reaping the benefits of walking. It’s the safest technique to exercise and almost everybody can at least take a walk every day.

The main purpose to have a brisk walk at a pace that lets your heart rate going and you have to realise that you will not lose much weight by strolling or ambling along. By just sweating, it is a good sign or you will not be maximising your effort to lose the optimum weight. It is feasible to lose weight by taking a stroll by it will take ages. The need to walk rapidly and sustain it for an hour will ensure your heart pumps faster and more weight you will lose.

The idea behind this is that the more you walk, the more lean muscle you will gain. Lean muscle consumes more calories as you use it, thus you burns more calories, simply because you have more muscular mass in general.

Remember this important fact, a pound of fat equals 3500 calories and to lose this one pound a week , you’ll need to burn off 3,500 calories. By a simple math, you can estimate how much weight you can lose by walking by amount of calories you burn. The longer the distance you walk, the more calories you burn and the more weight you lose. Walking for a long period of time at a slow pace will not help you much to lose your weight and much time will be wasted.

You can be sure to lose a minimum of one pound a week by taking a walk at a moderate pace for at least half an hour to one hour a week. By walking, you can reap other benefits too like helping to prevent other disorders like colon cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and surprisingly breast cancer too. An extra bonus is by walking, you can assist to maintain your immune system in great working order.

If you are exercising for the first time in a very long time, you would want to take it easy when you start off. Be careful that you do not overdo it if you are just recovering from an operation or illness. In fact it is an excellent idea to go for a check up by a doctor before beginning any form of exercise program which includes a regimen to walk your weight off.